About Us

Company Profile

Our vision

To be recognized as a leading propagator, supplier and technical advisor of selected agricultural crops with high commercial potential, in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Our mission

  • To produce the best quality, certified plants (true-to-type and disease-free) of the desired cultivar, at the required amounts, at the right time and at a competitive price.
  • To offer a comprehensive – before and after sales – technical support service.

Our objectives

  • Identification and evaluation of agricultural crops with high commercial potential ;
  • Propagation, marketing, sales and technical support of plants of selected agricultural crops ;
  • Provide in-house R&D facilities to support the evaluation of new potential crops.

Corporate Social Investment

Wellness programme & Wellness days

The Wellness programme is an exciting project for employees which allows them cultural expression through various activities, including sport, song and dance. Staff members are also encouraged to write and perform poetry and drama sketches, which provide them with the platform to express their cultural identities.

The Du Roi and Indigo companies host annual wellness days to promote healthy living amongst employees. These events are popular and a wellness day typically centres on sport and culture.

The CHoiCe Trust (a national NGO) supports this initiative by conducting free HIV, blood pressure and diabetes testing and counselling on these days.


Du Roi Nursery and Multiplant have a crèche on the property to look after pre-school children during the day while their parents are at work. This service is a great help for parents, knowing that their children are safe and prepared for schooling.

Staff training

Staff members are able to receive on-site training and mentorship. This initiative helps our staff members to improve their skills continuously, and identify key employees for promotion and succession planning within our operation.

Community development and support

We encourage all our employees to participate in the annual Mandela Day call to action and to dedicate 67 minutes to vulnerable and orphaned children in the area.

The Kurisanani Trust provides a holistic and compassionate response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Tzaneen area. The Du Roi Group supports the Kurisanani Trust with annual financial donations.

ANB Investments

Du Roi Multiplant is part of the ANB Investments Group. ANB Investments (Pty) Ltd is the South African registered holding company of a diverse group of agricultural companies that developed individually until 2008, when it amalgamated as one operating group, known as the ANB Group.

Our strengths lie in the common corporate culture engendered within the group; client relationships; providing excellent quality products and services; and our business­ orientated management team.

Our principal operations are in intellectual property (focusing on citrus and other fruit types), nurseries, farming, packing, and marketing and brand activities. Most of our businesses hold leading market positions.
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